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State Parks of California from 1864 to the present by Joseph H. Engbeck, Jr.

Richly illustrated, the story of the creation of the California diverse state park system constitutes and important chapter in the overall story of the American park movement.  Starting with Yosemite and going on to places like Big Basin, Humboldt Redwoods, Point Lobos, the Anza-Borrego Desert, Emerald Bay, and the broad sandy beaches of the South Coast, the California state park story has to do with many and beautiful and imortant places and ideas.  Inevitably the story is also about some wonderful people - practical idealists - whose unselfish devotion to the park movement and all that it stands for is an important and inspirational story in itself.


California State Parks by Kim Heacox

Now you can visit all of California's state parks with Kim Heacox as your guide.  His lively, informative text, accompanied by over 120 breathtaking full-color photos from the country's finest photographers, will immerse you in California's abundant natural beauty and colorful history.

If you plan a vacation at one of California's state parks, you can have no better companion than this comprehensive book.  Over 235 historical parks, recreation areas, wildernesses, scenic reserves, and even underwater parks are covered.


The Stories behind Sonoma Valley Place Names by Arthur Dawson

This is a treasure hunt through local history, providing rich glimpses into the many layers of Sonma Valley's past.  Inside, you'll find dozens of tales, including The Mysterious Meaning of Sonoma;  Hand to Hand Combat with a Grizzly;  The School that Wouldn't Sit Still;   Who Really named the Golden Gate;  The Lake that Disappeared;  Where the World Began;  Stealing the County Courthouse, plus 120 Place names and their origins;  maps and illustrations.


Where Oaks Play Catch with the Sun, by the Children of Sonoma Valley

Poems written during A Song of Place, a two-year series of workshops on the cultural and natural history of this place.

There are poems in this book that tell the story of our past, the roots of nature and culture here.  There are poems of the present, of the seasons and of the secret lives of children in each of us, full of images drawn from the fields and streams and skies of our valley.  Nature itself has the chance to tell what life feels like here, using the fresh eyes and wit of children.


Childhood Memories of Glen Ellen, by Bob Glotzbach

This is the story of Glen Ellen, a small town in Sonoma County, California, from the mid-1910's until the early 50's, as told by 34 people who either grew up there or visited frequently in their youth.  Each story covers a period of time, e.g., the teens and the 20's, the 20's and the 30's, etc.  The stories are augmented with photographs, maps and other illustrations, and with cameos, which are short histories, personality sketches and poetry.  In total, the aim is to provide one with a feeling for the times and the people and for the changes that have taken place in the town from roughly World War I to just beyond World War II.


Hiking California, by Ron Adkison

Boasting a mild climate, incredible diversity, and thousands of miles of hiking trails, California has something for every hiker.  This book is your ticket to rewarding adventures in the backcountry of the Golden State.  This handy guidebook features detailed descriptions of more than nine hundred miles of trails, accurate and up-to-date trail maps, and all the necessary information for planning enjoyable wilderness outings.

Between the covers of this book are descriptions of short, leisurely strolls and demanding excursions of several days.  


California Missions

This booklet is a guide to the California Missions.  Wherever your travels take you along California's El Camino Real, "The Royal Highway," be sure to look for the distinctive tan road signs with the state's bear insignia.  These designate the approach to one of California's State Historic Landmarks, many of which provide fascinating glimpses of 18th and 19th century life before California became a state.  


California Historical Landmarks, a California State Parks Publication

This is an official guide to the Historical Landmarks in all California Counties, with directions to the location and a description of the significance of the landmark.


Birds of North America, a Golden Field Guide

What you see in this guide is exactly what you see in nature.  You don't have to translate black-and-white sketches into the colors of the real thing or flip through the book to match text with art.  Each bird is captured in full color with descriptive text right there on the facing page.  So you can identify a specimen or a species quickly, easily, positively.


Northern California Birds, by Herbert Clarke

This easy to use, non-technical field guide introduces beginners of all ages to the marvelous bird life inhabiting northern California, from the Oregon border south to Santa Barbara County and east through mid-San Bernardino County.  Stunning full-color photographs of 202 species in their natural surroundings complement descriptions that place each bird in its ecological niche and provide insights into its daily life.


Birds of California

Welcome to California's magnificent bird life.  With more than 580 species documented by the California Bird Records Committee, the state's avifaunal variety is second only to that of Texas.  The great diversity of habitats contained within the state and its 1000-mile border with the Pacific Ocean are the main factors influencing the abundance of birds.  This guide is designed for California travelers and residents who might ask, "What's that?" when sighting a strange bird.  We have selected large or otherwise distinctive species to illustrate many of the articles that discuss these birds' relatives and their look-alikes.


A Field Guide to Pacific Wildflowers, a Peterson Field Guide

Here are the descriptions and illustrations of 1,492 species from 77 families - virtually all of the wildflowers found from British Columbia to Baja California, from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.,  Grouped by color, each specie's description includes field marks, size, habitat, range, flowering season, and common and scientific names.

Rattlesnakes, by Laurence M. Klauber

Can rattlesnakes hear?  Can they swim or growl or charm their prey?  What is the record for length of a rattlesnake?  How can one distinguish male from female?  The answers to these an many more questions can be found in this remarkable classic of natural history.  Venomous snakes have always been important to the culture of areas they inhabit;  nowhere is this more true than in North and South America, where rattlesnakes are ubiquitous.  They arouse emotions ranging from loathing to veneration, and for sheer power to terrorize and inspire fanciful tales;  they are to be compared only to much larger animals, such as bears and alligators;  but contact  with rattlesnakes - by campers, ranchers, children at play - is much more frequent. 


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