Books About Jack London, his life and his Ranch

A Pictorial Biography of Jack London by Russ Kingman

In the entire history of American literature, no other writer has come close to the worldwide popularity and recognition attained by Jack London. Author, sailor, world adventurer, socialist agitator, gold prospector, war correspondent, self-educated scholar, worker, farmer, railroad hobo - Jack London embodied perfectly the lusty, brawling spirit of turn-of-the-century America, the America of the closing frontier and of the last generation of rugged and desperate men who sought their fortune in the wilderness. In this illustrated biography, Russ King man, founder of the World of Jack London Museum and Bookstore in Glen Ellen, California, recounts the events of London's life, drawing on ten years of research and study of original documents and letters from the author's estate, and presenting for the reader a large number of rare photographs, many of which have not appeared in print before. Here are the fabulous adventures of this vagabond-writer, beginning with his early years as a gamin of the San Francisco waterfront, earning his living as an oyster pirate, working in canneries, jute mills, and laundries for starvation wages. At the age of fifteen he became a hobo and rode the rails to see the country. At the age of twenty he hiked across the famous Chilkoot Pass to get to the Klondike gold fields. In 1904 he covered the Russo-Japanese War for the Hearst papers, and in 1912 he was on the scene again during the Mexican Revolution. In the end he had climbed out of poverty to find himself America's best-selling author, caught in the grinding struggle to maintain that position against failing health and the ever increasing financial demands of Wolf House, "Beauty Ranch" - his magnificent ranch and model farm in California's Valley of the Moon. In A Pictorial Biography of Jack London, Russ Kingman turns a knowledgeable and sympathetic eye on this giant of men, whose name became synonymous with adventure and toughness and concern for the underdog- qualities deeply ingrained in the American character.


Jack London - A Writer's Adventurous Life by Elaine Slivinski Lisandrelli

In this biography of Jack London, author Elaine Lisandrelli draws a colorful profile of Jack London from his early years of poverty and struggle to his triumph as one of the most popular writers in the world.  


American Dreamers by Clarice Stasz 

This biography of Jack London focuses on his marriage to Charmian Kitteridge and their special relationship. In 1903, London shocked the morals of his country when he lift his wife and two young daughters for Charmian, a spunky spinster five years his senior. A new breed of woman, Charmian Kitteridge was notorious in the Bay area for daring to ride her horse astride and work in an office, unlike proper women of the day.  As his "Mate-Woman", Charmian contributed to Jack's accomplishments - she was his editor, transcriber, confidante, as well as the model for many of Jack's female characters.  Together they overcame threats to their love that stemmed from Jack's alcoholism, infidelities and illness.

This is a compelling portrait that challenges the long-held view of London as a rough, hard-drinking womanizer, and of Charmian as a passive, childish dependent.  Instead, this is a love story and a fascinating portrait of a couple whose courage, passion, and vitality remain a model of love fulfilled.


Jack London - A Biography by Daniel Dyer

Jack London, and the tumultuous times in which he lived, come vividly to life in this comprehensive biography.  Illustrated with fifty photos, it details a fascinating life every bit as memorable as the tales of its subject.


Jack London - A life by Alex Kershaw

"So incredible are some of London's escapades that only an equally talented biographer could capture the essence of the author's character.  Alex Kershaw does just that in Jack London, a breathless new look at the rough-and-tumble writer, warts and all."

New York Post


Jack London and the Klondike by Franklin Walker

In this book, Franklin Walker presents for the first time an accurate and detailed account of the young London's experiences in the famous gold rush that furnished the substance for his most successful books.  His exciting winter in the Yukon is re-created through quotations from his fiction, travel diaries, and the testimony of companions.


Jack London Beauty Ranch Album

This book describes with pictures and text the area of Jack London State Historic park which was used by Jack London, the farmer and rancher. 


Jack London Homes Album 

This book describes with pictures and text the various homes in the San Francisco Bay area where Jack London grew up and spent the early parts of his adult life.


Jack London State Historic Park - "Effective June 1, Jack London State Historic Park will be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The park is scheduled to be permanently closed by July 1, 2012."

Jack London, the author and adventurer

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